Fundamentals Class

The Fundamentals Class is a special session offered weekly that is open to the public. It provides a foundation in the basic movements, strategy, and principles of Daito-Ryu as practiced by the Takumakai. The Fundamentals Class follows a repeating four month curriculum that introduces:

  • Reiho (etiquette)
  • Ukemi (rolling and falling)
  • Taisabaki (footwork, body movement)
  • Aiki kempo (basic striking)
  • Jumbi Taiso (body conditioning)
  • Hiden Mokuroku Kata (pre-arranged training exercises)
  • Aiki waza (techniques involving internal energy)

Before joining us to observe or to train in a Fundamentals Class, you must review and be familiar with all information on this site (particularly the Etiquette for Visiting the Dojo.), the Hombu site in Japan, and Koryu Primer by Diane Skoss. Additionally, please arrive 15 minutes before the class begins as we may not answer the doorbell once class begins and late arrivals may therefore be unable gain access to the dojo.

Those wishing only to observe our training may simply visit the dojo for the Fundamentals class. Advanced notice or permission is not required, and there is no fee to observe. We do, though, ask you to arrive promptly on time and remain for the entire class, to minimize distraction and disruptions.  Note: No photo or video is allowed at any time.

We encourage anyone interested in learning more to join us in training on the tatami mats, as experiencing training offers far more insight than simply observing. Those wishing to train must sign up for a Conditional Membership, which you should sign up for in advance here. A credit or Debit card is required; we do not accept cash. A formal uniform is not required; barefoot workout clothes are acceptable.

Conditional members may train twice per week, and are encouraged to attend all Fundamental Classes. Anyone may join the Fundamentals Class at any point during the repeating four month curriculum and those with sufficient attendance are eligible to test for rank in our dojo, join Takumakai, and graduate to full membership status. (Full members have access to all weekly regular training sessions, special seminars, and intensive sessions.)

Class Time, Dues, and Location

  • Time: Every Saturday from 2:00 to 3:30 PM and Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00 PM (Arrive 15 minutes early)
  • Location: 316 Dean Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map)
  • Conditional Membership Dues: $35/month, suggested

Dues may be cancelled at any time; there are no additional sign-up or registration fees. We offer subsidized dues for anyone with fiscal hardship and firmly believe finances should never stand in the way of training.

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Kawabe Shihan demonstrating a technique with Freeman Sensei.