Etiquette for Visiting the Dojo

  1. Arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of class. (We may not answer the doorbell once class begins and late arrivals may therefore be unable gain access to the dojo.)
  2. Upon arrival, remove your shoes in the entrance area and place them neatly on the shelves provided.
  3. During class, sit quietly, avoiding unnecessary noise or conversation.  Ensure your mobile phone or similar device is muted or off.
  4. When you are training, throughout class there are opportunities to ask questions but we ask you to hold any questions until asked. (Observers are asked to save any questions until the conclusion of class.)
  5. Stay for the entire class, to minimize the disruption, unless previous arrangements have been made.
  6. No photographs or video may be taken.
  7. No food or drink, with the exemption of water or similar sports beverages, are permitted.
  8. After class is finished, feel free to speak and and talk with dojo members.
  9. If you have indicated you will attend a session but are unable to do so, please us know via the contact form or by replying to our email exchange.
Kawabe Shihan executing a technique on Landow Sensei.

Kawabe Shihan demonstrating a technique with Landow Sensei.