Kawabe Takeshi Shihan

Kawabe Takeshi, 8th dan Shihan, is based in Osaka Japan, and supervises Yushinkan via yearly training camps in Japan, New York, or other international locations.

Born August 2, 1944 in Osaka, Japan, he had an initial introduction to Daito-Ryu by Takuma Hisa, Menkyo Kaiden, in 1963. He then studied Aikido under Kobayashi Hirokazu Sensei for the next 4 years.  Shortly after, he returned to Daito-ryu, again under Takuma Hisa Sensei, who eventually awarded him Kyoju Dairi and 5th dan. He was awarded 2nd dan by Takeda Tokimune Sensei, 2nd dan in Aikido from Ueshiba Morihei Sensei, and 8th dan in Daito-Ryu from Hakaru Mori Sensei.  

Kawabe Shihan has been training in Daito-Ryu for more than 45 years.  He has taught thousands of students in Japan, Philippines, Finland, Australia, France, Greece, Dubai, Mexico, and USA; and has performed embu at the Nihon Budokan and other prestigious Koryu organizations and meetings in Japan and internationally. He is a full-time professional martial arts instructor and is committed to the preservation, development, and dissemination of Daito-Ryu.

Kawabe Shihan founded Kobukan in 2019. Kobukan was established for the purpose of passing on to future generations the techniques taught by Takeda Sokaku and Ueshiba Morihei between 1936 and 1939.